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you know what i am just going to let someone deal with his azz because if not I am going to have to get kicked off this damn bored because such a rude person. Mark asked me to post up my jokes aight and so I did. Now Christy if his damn shyt isnt taken care of I swear ya'll mods gonna have to kick me off this damn board. I'm fed up with SSR's BS

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Put them all in one f*cking post. Oh crap, you're going to get someone to warn me. Your ass is the one that should be warned for flooding the forum like that. Get mad and never come back here if you don't like me that much. See my title.

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yeah id kinda agree..

not alot of people have that much free time on the internet readding that stuff..

thats kinda overdoing it, should probaly post a joke or two a day..so that we can all read and talk about the thread, because no posted yet so far.

and the fact that its a honda site, the majority of us are into. we know its funny but to tell you the truth, i dont have the time. :ph34r:


use the PM function if yah dont like what the person isa doing..


no hard feelings anna :)

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