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Got new speakers


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Finally got some new speakers to replace my old 4x6s, Infinity References. They're pretty much the best 4x6 replacements I could find, and they sound pretty nice.








next up: Audiobahn 4x10s

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audiobahn is the rice of the speaker world. go w/ something that provides more bang for the buck. chrome belongs on choppers, not speakers.


I prefer MB Quart, JL Audio, Memphis etc. I went through audiobahn subs like socks.....the only one I could keep was the 4000 watt titanium, but it took too much power to drive.


just my $.02

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I perfer the Boston Acoustic components over MB Quartz. I heard them A-B on same setup at the stereo shop and the Boston's were much nicer, although both were great.


I have a set of Memphis 6 1/2's in my del sol and they sound great. Best sounding $120.00 speakers I've ever heard.....and I've gone through a lot.

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