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Nick names


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okay here are a few I have collected over the years


1. D-Fetus

2. dave

3. Big D

4. Davey

5. Davey-G

6. D

7. Little bitch-ass-monkey-raping-alpaca....hahaha....inside joke for some of us

My dream Nick Name is RANDAR-X




What have people called you?

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seanizzle (no joke a bunch of black chicks used to make fun of me for the way I pronounce Ebonic terms and they started calling me this)


Shanana (don't ask)


Seanity (worst one ever, I hate that kid)


Grayghost (guy on tennis team called me this cause I'm pale like casper and my last name is gray)




Gray factor


apollo (sun god, I'm pale, see the irony)


I got more, but I'm tired.

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S-E-A-N is the only way to spell Sean, I looked that crap up! First used as a nickname for John over in Scotland, way to be awesome Civikid you're parents named you well.


Seanita (pronounced shu-knee-tuh)


seaner bonner (mom calls me that putrid crap every once in a while)


Boy! (girlfriends mom used to call me this all the time)


stickmonster (For a couple of reasons actually, my girlfriend began calling me this because I am tall and skinny. My dad began using it after I spun his tires through 3rd gear within the first 15 minutes of ever driving a 5 speed. I picked it up that quick.)


food assasin (I inhale food)


There's more, but yet again I am tired

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I would always get into fights as a kid when people would call me "gook" or "chink" Or they'd slant their eyes with their fingers and say ching chong wong dong or whatever. Fcuk, I still rumble when people call me that. Not too long ago, I think last year, my friends and I were rumbling and was kicked out of a pool hall b/c a few dudes were making racial comments. I don't want to get into it.


Anyhow, I get called mammasboy or prettyboy.

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yea i know what you mean TL, jeez just because some hmong guy goes on a freaking killing spree doesnt mean all asian people shoot people w/ rifles...geez...heh, but yea i know what you mean about that racial comments and what not....ive experienced it all.:ph34r:

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I have had a few over the years. In sixth or seventh grade one kid called me egghead and would run his mouth. I had to kick his azz cause he wouldn't stop calling me that. He shut up after that and never called me that again. I get too tall, string bean, and a few others I can't think of due to lack of sleep.


Best one recently has to be Hurtz me. Its kinda an inside joke with my friends and because everyone butchers my last name. I get so many different pronunciations of it.

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