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  1. this answer is about two years too late... engine: intake, evoIII big 16g ported, ported evoIII o2 housing, stainless ported manifold, RRE j-pipe to RRE 90* lower intercooler pipe routed to stock smic (for now...), RRE braided oil feed line, 4 different bov's depending on my mood (stock, greddy type rs which is too quiet when recirc'd, 1g dsm, and turbo xs style that vents and makes my car run like crap), forge mbc management: boost guage, palm logger/laptop logger, greddy turbo timer other: 6000k HID's, H & R sport springs, 3000gt front brakes (2 piston calipers w/ bigger r
  2. how did i not win the most missed member? f'n noobz... EDIT: dude...i wasnt even in the running. come on ashley, thats a slap in the face!
  3. bump somehow i've lost post's...whats up with that?
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