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new to this board...


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sup...old...ppl. j/k. i'm..new. anyways.


this is what i own:

1990 honda accord lx.


future plans?

jdm h22a swap

and whole lotta of other crap.


what's in it?

a shi**y xplod cdplayer and everything else is stock. sucks to have work that doesnt give you the hours need to have some luxury for your car.


that's it i guess. nice to meet you. later.

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hey whats going on man? welcome to the board! so all you have is a xplode cd player? are you planning on upgrading your sound system in the future too? well, just take your time... modifying cars is an expensive hobby for some folks... its all good! once again, WELCOME!

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you're the only one that replied to my questions w00t

anyways, nope, not going to upgrade my xplod, blows chod. alpine is better imho. should've went for that, regrets oh well. expensive? yes, but worth it.

yeah, this place is a pretty dead site.. im trying my best to make it "lively" and to answer questions any members may have.


anyway, try posting this question in the audio board. :)

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Whooo Hoooo!

Another 4th Gen Accord owner. I just love it when they come around.




Now I can chat with you about mods to our cars. Don't worry about the stereo, mine is fully stock still. I haven't done many mods either. Currently just all clear front and tinted windows. I'm saving right now for suspension as mine is getting very bad (bouncy bouncy). I can't wait!


Yes, an H22a swap would be nice. Not sure if I will ever have enough to do that, but I would love to. Maybe after I pay my credit card off and start saving for it.


Anyways, bookmark the site so I can hang with my fellow 4th genner!

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welcome to the boards... as TL mentioned, they're a little dead at the moment. pretty much everyone that replied to this, with the exception of a couple more members, are the ones you'll see posting most often. hopefully you'll join us so we'll have a new name around :p

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