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ground kit

b16a hatch

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as far as your original post:


Larger gauge wire to ground spots to the chassis is never a bad idea. Read up on "the Big 3"


It wont necessarily give you more HP or make your car easier to start, however it will put less stress on the alternator, allow for a cleaner spark (yes, with bad enough grounds this is an issue), and help with any headlight dimming or noise in the electrical system.


My best suggestion is to NOT use the wire you find for car audio systems, but rather find a local welding supply store. Most car audio wire kits are copper clad aluminum with fairly thick wires and "ok" insulation. The wire you get from welding supply stores is 99-100% copper usually, had a tougher insulation, and has finer wire strands (allowing for flexibility) and will cost 50-75% of what the amp kits cost.


For terminals get solder terminals, they provide a stronger physical hold on the wire and also allow for the best conductivity (and look cleaner IMO)

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