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D16z6 mods

EJ1 D16

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and a new motor at 100k.... WHY? That motor just broke in!


Whats your budget, how much experience you have, is it your only car.


I mean that is probably the dumbest question ive seen all week.


You question is akin to me asking:

I want a boat, what boat should I get.


1 You dont know what kind of boat Im asking about, I could be talking about a goddamn canoe or a oil tanker

2 you dont know how much money im willing to spend

3 you dont know what im going to use it for

4 you dont know if I even know how to pilot a boat


Seriously man, a little more goddamn info would be nice. FAWK!

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i think since your tranny is going bad you should replace your motor (but leave your tranny) then when you realize your tranny is still bad, you should replace the rear drivers side tire.


hehe, ive been wanting to do that kinda reply for a few weeks.

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I have a d16z6 and the trans is about dead. should i buy a new trans or just a whole new motor engine has 100k on it.

I want 250+ whp for my car and i want to know how much it would cost to safely get me there with a d16z6.


My bad for not including it in this post I'm saying i want to buy a new z6 engine wail i still have the one in my car and rebuild the new one and buy a turbo for it. so that when my trans does go out i would just do an engine swap and sell the engine without the trans. because i want to be able to drive my only car wail i rebuild a motor/turbo and right now i have about $2500 so i was thinking either engine swap a b or just buy a new d and rebuild/turbo.

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