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Did i pay too much?


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depends, i mean if the body is mint and you live in the rust belt 2500 is pretty damn good. Its more of "do you think you paid too much?" not "other people think I payed too much."


I mean hell I see people walking around with rolexes and LV purses and to me I feel they got ripped off, but to someone who cares about status and fashion, maybe they got a good deal on them.

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post pics ASAP!! i want to see!!


i dont think its too much for a RHD shell.. but is it a real RHD shell from japan or did someone start a RHD conversion project car and not have the funds to finish it and decide to sell it? if its a true JDM EG6 then theres no way in my mind that you paid too much, if its a conversion and done the right way then you didnt pay too much but if it was done wrong.. you has big problemz on your hands..


id love to see pictures of it though.. there are a few RHD converted DA9's out here for sale but they want 5k for the car with no engine.. NO THANKS!

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to me its to much but thats because ive driven RHD and don't like it much. so thats just something i personally dont like... but a super clean body is work about 2k around here, without the conversion.


does it have a title with matching vins?

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