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Del Sol suspension issue


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I have a 95 Del Sol. I recently had new shocks and springs installed. Green Neuspeed springs all around, KYB Shocks in the front, OEM struts in the rear.


All went well, however, the front ended up higher than the rear. Instead of a proper drop, the springs raised up the front of the car. The rear springs are at the proper height. I also believe the car has had time to "settle", but the front end is still higher than the rear.


The consensus is to NOT cut the springs. So I'm stumped. Anyone have the same problem and found a solution?


Thanks in advance.

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Who installed springs?? I remember some one calling me on phone with same problem (from Portland area):D I said ummmm did the front spring on back. Followed by silence then a expletive I think. How ever I think it was the rear did not drop and front did. Been a while though. However I am thinking that is opposite of your issue. So I am thinking bump stops on struts need to be cut??

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Haha yeah sounds familiar pearce. Double check that you installed the correct springs on the correct bias of the car, aka Front on Front.


And mike I belive the phone call went something like this:

Me : WTF, for some fked up reason the car isnt sitting right.

You: Did you put the right ones on?

Me: ......... Goddamnit Mother FKING SON OF A B!TCH!

You: hahahaha



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The local mechanic installed the springs and shocks. I've trusted them with other problems I've had and they've always came through.


Christ now I'm thinking...out of the box, there was a pair of springs that were visibly shorter than the other pair. I'm assuming the shorter pair had to be the rear because the front end would probably drop too much and the rear be way too high.


So if the bump stops need to be cut, would that ruin the ride? Also saw a post on the shock absorber perches, any thoughts on that?


Thanks in advance.

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This morning I did some investigating on my springs. I went out to the car and checked the numbers on the springs.


55.20.17 R's both on the rear

55.20.17 F's both on the front


So the rear and front springs were installed correctly.


What I DID discover was that model 55.20.17's are for civic Si 2/4door Typ EG 92-95. The Del Sol springs are 55.20.18's!


However, both springs models have the same drop rating 1.8 front, and 1.6 rear.


I'm going to call Neuspeed and see what they have to say.


Any opinions or thoughts?

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Spoke with Neuspeed, extremely helpful by the way. It's the spring perch on the Koni shocks they sell.


The mechanic installed the spring perches upside down. Soon as that is corrected, the ride height should be fixed just fine.


Thanks for your help everyone.


(The perch is the silver piece on the Koni shocks)


Picture of shock

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