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91crx problems


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While driving on the freeway (doing bout 70) my car sputterd as if it ran out of gas (I had just filled up the night befor since my gas cluster don't work) I made it over to the shoulder lane and my car turned off!!! It'll start once in a while and I can even drive it but I can't get the rpm's over 2500!!! I opened up my hood to see my cold air intake was off. Car was not over heating, has gas, oil, ect ect..if you know what up or have idea plz help before I can the michanic...THANKS

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Check your fuel filter (on firewall). Sounds like it may be clogged. You probably have a fuel delivery issue.


After that you should check fuel pump and pick-up filter in tank.


I would look at fuel pressure. You can get a test kit pretty cheap (a good tool to add to your collection). The pressure tap is on the fuel filter. Pressure readings are invaluable in troubleshooting.


Don't pay anyone yet. Can't be that difficult of a problem.


Let us know.

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Thanks man but it was my roter (under my distributer) I had just done a tune up about a month befor it happend. The little screw that keeps it on came off... its actually come off like three times now so I went and swapt it out for another one hopefully my distributer isn't stipped..I guess ill be finding out within the month!!! But in the prcocess I did change thre fuel filter but that wasn't it as you already know..anyways thanks man

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