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    1988 Honda CRX HF
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    ZC motor, ZC tranny, high flow intake, port-matched headers, high flow exhaust, chipped ECU's (depends on level of performance desired), Integra suspension and brakes (F/R). All with ice cold air conditioning.
  1. trojwl

    88 CRX HF dohc ZC engine mount

    Some years ago I replaced the 1.5L with a JDM DOHC ZC motor. I now want to replace engine mount at timing belt area. I thought all D-series mounts were the same. The replacement I ordered has two holes for bolting to engine bracket. The one on my motor as one hole and one stud. And they really don't line up with holes on bracket. Has anyone got any info on this and where can I get correct replacement? thx
  2. trojwl

    CRX weatherstripping

    Does anyone know of anybody reproducing discontinued weather stripping? In my case the rubber sealing top of driver's door. Surely there are enough CRX's out there to make it profitable.
  3. trojwl

    88 CRX door panel repair

    I have an 88 CRX HF. The door panels are in good shape but there is wear on the very top due to sun exposure and general wear. There has to be some one in the business of repairing these panel but I can't find any. I don't want to end up just putting a strip of vinyl to cover the damage. I want to keep the stock look if possible and I am a little anal on how it looks. Any ideas? thx
  4. trojwl

    89 Honda crx engine light problem. Any help?

    I'm betting it's your oxygen sensor dying (most common fault). Count the flashes through little window on ECU under passenger footwell with engine running. My money's on a repeating single red flash (i.e. "bad O2 sensor). If it is you are wasting gas and possibly fouling plugs if left unaddressed. Also you can get codes on line. Print the codes and keep copy in glove box.
  5. trojwl

    88 CRX - ZC motor supercharger

    Does anyone know of a manufacturer who makes a belt-driven unit for the ZC motor (1.6L, DOHC, OBD0)? I don't want to turbocharge as I will not give up the air conditioner. I remember many years ago someone having made a unit for the older Hondas.
  6. trojwl

    88 CRX liftgate struts issue

    Go to NAPA. They actually sell two different struts for the 1988 CRX. Look at their pics on line and pick the one you need. You can clearly see the ends in the pics. I also needed ones with the ball socket end. I did this and they work GREAT!
  7. trojwl

    88 CRX liftgate struts issue

    I don't think there is any 25 year "barrier" in this case. I have gotten many OEM parts on-line (and recently too) with no out-of-stock issues. Also, if Honda discontinues an item, it will say so on the parts breakdown. The OEM on-line Honda stores always have ample supplies of these consumable-type parts. I think that as long as people keep buying these parts, they are going to keep having them manufactured. Basically what it comes down to is that, if it was an up-to-date diagram, and I used the p/n from that diagram, my strut should have had the proper ends. And the fact that the aftermarket ones I got a coupe years ago had the correct ends kinda hints to me that Honda has made an error. And I do realize how unusual that would be. I may end up flagging down the next 1988 CRX I see and then ask if they'll let me look at their struts for any Honda part numbers.
  8. trojwl

    88 CRX liftgate struts issue

    Everyone knows that the 88 CRX has a few unique "quirks". It was the first year of the new body style and then in 1989 they started making them at another plant. One of thes quirks is the unique bolt hole pattern of the seat rails into the floorboard. Another is apparently the upper attach points of the liftgate struts. The 88 has the 10mm ball/socket assembly at both ends. I believe all subsequent CRX's have a bolt at the upper point. I ordered replacements a few years back from an aftermarket company for my 88 CRX. They came with the correct fittings (i.e. balls on both ends) I recently ordered some more from a Honda OEM site. These came with the bolt ass'y as opposed to the socket ass'y at the upper point. I immediately returned them. The sales guy told me that Honda had changed something with the part numbers but didn't know anything specific. I just now went to NAPA and looked at what they had. Their struts also have the wrong upper attach point. Also, the attachment bolt on the 89 and up models is a 10mm thread. The ball fitting has an 8mm thread. There is no substituting one for the other. I'm not sure what is going on here. Nothing was altered on my car and the fact that, a few years ago, this was not an issue really baffles me. Any ideas?
  9. trojwl

    1990 CRX Si Parasitic Short

    You first need to get a decent multi-meter. It does have to have an "amp" function. Remove the negative lead from battery and put meter in series with circuit (make sure leads are plugged into correct holes on meter). One lead on negative post and one to chassis ground. You should get an amp reading. With everything else off in the car (including all interior lighting) the only draw present should be your clock which is very minimal. Your drain is also a component of that reading. Now it's a matter of doing things like unplugging the horn, removing bulbs, etc. Something is going to affect the amp reading - preferably drop the reading. Keep us posted.
  10. trojwl

    91crx problems

    Check your fuel filter (on firewall). Sounds like it may be clogged. You probably have a fuel delivery issue. After that you should check fuel pump and pick-up filter in tank. I would look at fuel pressure. You can get a test kit pretty cheap (a good tool to add to your collection). The pressure tap is on the fuel filter. Pressure readings are invaluable in troubleshooting. Don't pay anyone yet. Can't be that difficult of a problem. Let us know.
  11. trojwl

    90 CRX HF questions (timing belt. electrical)

    If there is no physical damage to belt I would trust it for one last hundred miles. To troubleshoot electrical I would get a cheap multimeter with amp function. Put meter (in amp mode) in series with neg battery terminal and ground. You should get an amperage value. Take each fuse our one at a time. If removing fuse drops reading than you have located suspect circuit. If your car has a clock or radio, you will always see a few milliamps.
  12. trojwl

    89 crx problem

    Squirt a little oil into sparkplug hole and retest. If it gives a higher reading, your rings are the culprit (oil temporarily seals around rings). If there is no difference in readings you may have a problem with a valve.
  13. trojwl

    Vibration problem - 88 CRX HF

    Thanks to all. Tires balanced and alignment checked by reputable shop within past week. I'll put car on my lift and hopefully find loose bolts on one of the mounts.
  14. trojwl

    Vibration problem - 88 CRX HF

    All of a sudden I am getting engine vibration in passenger cab. I feel it in the pedals, steering, etc. It seems to be same frequency as engine RPM. I'm thinking motor mount. Car runs great so engine missing is unlikely. Anyone agree and also does one particular mount fail more often than the others?

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