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Getting ready for paint, want opinions on misc parts



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  1. 1. Carbon or Kevlar Carbon

    • Carbon only
    • Kevlar
    • Stock metal.. meh

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Car will be sprayed HoK Candy Apple Red Mettalic, suspension componenets are gold, rims are powdercoated a dark gold (fat 5's), mirrors will be sprayed black (with the 3m plastic bug shield overlays to keep them from chipping)


So whatcha think? Im personaly torn between CF and CKF, just because its that much less I gotta paint haha


Btw the parts im looking at are


1878.jpgor2260.jpgI already have the actual lights, H3 HIDs @ 3k, yellow lenses




and OEM style hood in CF or CKF


Just looking for some feedback.

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I'd choose carbon over carbon Kevlar any day.


Kevlar can look really random and out of place, well, on most of the cars I've seen on it it's really hit n miss whether it suits the colour of the car or not. Carbon is a safer bet. Yes it ain't as special as such, but at least it'll def look right.


If you're needing a photoshop made up of it, let me know!


REALLY can't wait to see this.

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cfk might go well with your wheels, could tie everything together.


i wouldnt paint the mirrors black though, since they are located on the door it, they will stand out more than if they were body colored.


black mirrors look good when they are on the window because they blend in

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Well actually did a bit of research, asked a few companies what they use for UV protective coatings and the majority of them wouldnt say, nor offer anything more than a 30 day warranty on the CKF parts. (Kevlar is VERY UV reactive)



Soooo.... Looks like im going CF. And actually I have seen some sols with black mirrors and they actually came out very nice. Mind you im keeping the lip, rear diffusor (like prestons), and side skirts black as well.

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