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New Sol, new build thread


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So it's been a few months since I've been around and you may remember that I snagged a '93 si with a very clean body for cheap..Well the car is pretty much all finished I just need to install the side skirts and a radio.


Prior build thread link: Black sol build thread


Here comes early May. Instead of leaving the car alone so I could attend some event this year. I found a new project. A buddies '93 del sol si snapped a timing belt and the shop told him it bent a rod as well. The body on this car is in much better shape than my black sol. I just threw it out there and he said $350..Needless to say I snatched it right up.


Just used AAA to pick it up






And on it's way into my new garage..Ie Barn.




The tear down begins!


Late at night and several beer's down leads to this:




The rear suspension, although looked to be free of rust was the BIGGEST PITA to remove of course like we all know..


MAP Gas + PB Blaster = Lot's of billowing smoke






So because pretty much all of the parts on my black car were basically brand spanking new I swapped the parts back and forth. The suspension, brakes, trailing arms. The Carpeting on the black sol was better, Which while it was out of the car I took a carpet cleaner to..Also, I need to run a '94+ dash because the b16's never came in a sol with out a passenger airbag. and swapped the dash's too...Like I said EVERY THING






New fender installed, just waiting to pick up the new captive blue door..Even trade for the black one :)


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While the blue sols engine was out I detailed the engine bay with Red Devil Degreaser and a pressure washer. the pix speak for them selves..I didn't have to do any brush work either.








So in a few hours one day I got the engine out of the black sol, pushed it into the field, pushed the blue sol in the barn again and installed the engine. then called it a night once the mounts were bolted in.



Window weld mounts were used. I still gotta fill the DS mount but it's coming at some point.



I also under coated the rear of the car and completely coated all sides of the fuel tank so it wouldn't rust any further after I cleaned it up.



Few day's later I got back up to the garage and installed the shift linkage, all the wiring, power steering which I didn't have in the black sol. basically I left the car that night as Add fluids and Turn key.



I ran into an issue again with the thermostat ground, but after I snapped a bolt in it and grabbed a new one all was well!

Leading me to this:


At the moment the car is open DP because the prior owner had the cat welded to the B-pipe and I can't clock it until I get the car home to a buddies and reposition the cat flange.


But I did take it on a test drive and it was amazing. I'm also very happy to now have PS. It should help eliminate the massive bump steer I was getting before.


Couple days ago after the test drive:





The z6 that came out of this blue del sol will be getting a new timing belt because the rods aren't bent, then tossed into the black sol so it can be sold.


Once everything is all buttoned up on the blue one I have some extra parts that I will be installing. I just wanted to get it up and running first.






The over all current set-up is:



> LS

>Random intake

>Ebay header

>Stock cat-back for now



>Shocks: KYB AGX

>Sleeve overs: Omni power 10k/8k

>Pswjdm 3-pt strut tower bar

>15mm VTEC rear sway

> Integra Rear LCA's

>Corner weighted



>LS Mesh

up front- Toyo Proxes 4

Out back- Nexens N2000(horrible tire)

....Future tires will be bridgestone RE-11's



>ATE Helical slotted rotors front..stock rear

>Front pads- Hawk HP+

>Rear pads- Hawk HPS

>ATE Super Blue Racing fluid

>EG6 Rear Disc conversion



>Blue del sol Zig Zag floor mats

>ITR shift knob



>Mugen rep Polyurethane lip



>Clear lens E46 Projector retrofits with Amber corners


All comment's, suggestions, questions welcomed.

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Part's came in [smilie=banana2.gif]




So I was able to bring the sol home from the garage on Wednesday. Went for an alignment on Thurs and learned that I have a very bad wheel bearing with about 1/2" of play in it..So another lil set back cuz I gotta pull the knuckle out again.


But yesterday/friday I got a few things done. I patched up my exhaust that I had cut and it's now silent and all you can hear pretty much is just the intake which is evident over 3-4k rpm. I also ran the wiring for the retrofit headlights, and Installed the Mugen Rep lip....Pretty productive night.





And as it sits today 11/13/2010 I still need to install the side skirts, RE-replace the drivers side wheel bearing since I messed it up when I installed it, and a few other things like the radio etc...


It would be completely finished by now but trying to find time to get it done has been a challenge and as of late I have been focusing my time on getting the 'black' sol up and running so I can get that sold..I also have been helping a buddy restore his '73 VW T3 Square back.

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hey copycat, looks like we're going to be running the same lip soon


sol looks good though! :)

Ha yeah tbh when I got the car and started working on it I immediately thought crap It's gonna look almost exactly like yours!




I was going to do the retro-fits myself, and had been doing the research..But then the guy on SS who's made a few sets posted them up for sale and I jumped on it since his asking price was identical to what it would cost to make myself...if not less when you factor in the time to make them. I still haven't finished installing them yet just because of other things that have been popping up but I will very soon.



Yeah I learned about the red devil de-greaser from M as well and I'll be buying more of it again thats for sure.



absolutly beautiful. how much did the retrofits run and did you do them yourself? also any plans for future suspension work?


eventually I'd like to get some pic selects..but at the moment I'm so fed up with doing suspension work on this car..plus the price of them I'll be putting them off for a good while.


But the set-up now is identical to when it was in my black sol and that handled amazingly neutral...I guess it should handle better now that I have PS and dont have nearly as much bump steer with the manual rack.



Oh and thanks guys. A ton of time and work went into swapping EVERYTHING between the two cars.

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Did some work to the sol today and tested out the projectors..Unfortunately it's about to get dark out and I can't install them but I've got the wiring all squared away. Just have to remove the front bumper cover. HID HI an LOW's work.


I also fixed a power steering fluid leak, replaced my front end links, and painted back to black my side skirt's so those can finally be installed.



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does want projekters


90% installed just gotta hard mount the ballasts....In the pix it almost looks like hid's installed in halogen light's, but I can assure you that's not the case and they are indeed projectors..Can't wait to go for a drive at night. which will hopefully be tomorrow.




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I gotta re-aim them since their pointing a bit low as of right now. Then I'll more than gladdly snap a pic. How about one from the center as a compromise and meeting in the middle?

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Ha yeah tbh when I got the car and started working on it I immediately thought crap It's gonna look almost exactly like yours!

haha its all good, we can haz teh twinz! lol


mine wont be CBP for too much longer hopefully :happy:


Brian, sell me your lip then if you're changing it! I'm gonna have to get one from the states anyway... nobody really sells em over here!


you dont want mine, trust me.. mines rivetted in and has 3 cracks.. and yes it is polyurithane lolol


if it were in better condition i would sell it to you for cheap sebbster but i dont want to sell you a jank ass lip.. how much is one going to cost you? i got mine of ebay for $50

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