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Car Stereo

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Dual is basically a wal-mart brand.


Your best bet is to browse crutchfield and see what they have to offer. Then take the one you want and search for it online somewhere else.


Get Dual. This dude doesn't know what he's talking about. lol

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Never heard of 'Dual'


It's gotta be fairly shocking.


Pioneer, Sony?


My Pioneer headunit has got a dedicated input for the iPod, so u can control it using the headunit. Top stuff.


Never taking CD's in the car again, apart from a couple of favorite albums of course!


Only reason you dont have Dual is because you dont have Walmart either

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I will sugest looking at craiglist I found a couple of kenwood and pioneer stereos in new condition some were even the touch screen ones which are expensive and they were going for $65 bucks thats a good deal. the only difrence with wal-mart brands is your watts and sound quality when you want to crank it up loud they wont give you a very clrear sound but if your planning on putting a good amp to help it out then you'll be ok i will still go for cheap price and a quality brand remember you get what you pay for unless your lucky.

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Assume anything car stereo related on craigslist is stolen.


Dual is a band name generic. Their stuff is ok and it is pretty cheap.


I got a nice Clarion for $100 with the install kit. Check for sales from Crutchfield and you can usually get a nice one for $100-$125 with all the adapters and mounting parts included.

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Do as originally stated, go to crutchfield and find what you like the hit ebay.


Clarion makes good HU's and if you look/wait long enough you'll find a good one for cheap. Look into Eclipse and Pioneer too.


Stay away from Dual. The guy who suggested that might be happy w/his and that's all good, but Dual is not a very good brand at best and he is the one that doesn't kn ow what he's talking about.

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stay away from local shops! as much as I love to say support your local economy, some local shops like to sell equipment... then borrow it back after they have installed it into your car, made a copy of your alarm fob and key. Seen it happen out here with a couple of the non-big brand stores (outrageous audio & audio f/x are known for being shisters in portland). Best bet is like said before, check out crutchfield, then hit up ebay. For headunits tho, i will usualy go through crutchfield since they provide the adapter harness and mounting kit for free.

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