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  1. How's it going guys? I've been on the market lately for a stereo that has a ton of capabilities like Aux, CD and iPod. I want to either keep it looking as stock as possible by getting another 2-din stereo that isn't too flashy or a full 7-inch touchscreen. Anyone have suggestions based on prior experiences?
  2. I'm looking for a set of 17" wheels for my 2000 Honda Accord, hopefully if anything grey colored. If you have anything near Kansas City or Manhattan, KS reply to this post! Cant find and worthwhile ones on craigslist, I'd rather trust my Honda Forums Family!
  3. Alright so I just got a 2000 Honda Accord (trying to sell the 95 Accord for $1600 if anyone wants it) but whenever i turn the headlights on after I turn the car on each time, the drivers headlight doesn't seem to want to turn on until I pop the hood and mess with the back of it. Any ideas to what I could do to fix it? P.S. I cant get the passenger side quarter to turn on either unless if its being used as a turn signal. Need help with that too.
  4. I have 20 dollars left to add to my pre order to have the hardened edition in my fingertips by wednesday.
  5. just sold my 91 4dr accord for 1000 lol
  6. nothing mildly amusing to comment on

  7. Nice Mugens lol. I like the Rota's too but I would probably paint them white if I had them on my Accord.
  8. Lol Ben Stiller. Last time I checked no Brits were man enough to fight so they had to send their prince to do it for them.
  9. Nope still does it.....
  10. Im going as a Prius..... Scary right?
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