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Official NFL/NCAAF thread


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HA. yeah, so thats why american foozeballers play with a ridiculous amount of padding n helmets n crap, and the rugby players here play with pretty much nothing? erm... don't think so buddy!



but saying that, I think generally any ball/team based sport sucks.


I can assure you if Bart Scott or Ray Lewis or Patrick Willis hit one of those candyassed little Rugby players over there without pads they'd have to be carted off the field.

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I knew it was going to be a matter of time before D1 schools figured out that doodoo ass little triple option gimmick offense,


Add to that they fracked up and hired AL GROH who was PATHETIC at Virginia..AS A DEFENSIVE COORDINATOR..


That 3-4 setup he runs doesn't seem to be too impressive.. I know we put 50+ on them last year..

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