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I Am The Stig


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well if any of you, which im sure is most of us, watch top gear.. they finally revealed the notorious stig..



they should have kept him secret.. now its no fun anymore knowing who he is.. FAIL

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lol.. dude im out of the loop.. im still trying to catch up on top gear episodes.. i have 11 more to watch.. the new stig should be keiichi tsuchiya LOL :laugh:


thatd be badass forsure!!!

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Well..... I am sure you all have wondered where I've been as of late. Jeremy actually called me up back in March, wanting to know what my plans were for the next couple years. I guess they had reason to believe this was going to happen. Just so you all know, I go the job. I am the next Stig. Stig G.0. Well, I guess now I can write a book and get paid bank that I've ruined that one.... Oh well.

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Gutted. Man over here it's on all the time, literally. There's a tv channel called Dave which shows like 2 or 3 episodes a day, n sometimes shows them twice a day, n then there is Dave-ja-vu which shows them an hour later, then BBC 3 shows an episode every couple of days, n then there is always an episode to watch on iplayer! It's sick!

But it also means I've seen every episode about 30 times. :D


so umm...you should totally hook me up lol

this happened in like january brian.... GET ON THE FUKING BALL!


haha rofl

shut your goddamn whore mouth jake!!! :dry:





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