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Labor Day v.2010


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Drive down to Houston from Fort Worth tomorrow morning to visit a friend of 40+ years. Taking my three dogs with me. He has one dog, so it'll be two old pals hanging out - drinking beer, feeding dogs treats, watching his chesapeake bay retriever snatch his rubber duck toy from the pool, seeing if any of mine want to swim, smoking Montecristo #2 Habana's, maybe a couple Don Pepin My Father's, watching the drags all day sunday and going to see "The Expendables" monday.


Grill a few ribeye's over the weekend too.


Looking forward to the R&R. :)

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I'm working on Monday. I don't get holidays off- I only get xmas day, new years day and thanksgiving off. Going out to asheboro again tomorrow afternoon to stay with Gorden for the night. Pool closes on Monday.

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