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Trae new EK

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sarah doesnt fail


work computer doesnt like hondas

still a fail lol


car looks good


i like the wheels better now instead of black




why racing seats?


+1 on wheels!

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ok maybe i should be more specific like all the things that a ctr has like interior and things like that. but no i dont know how you would make one into a hatch thats my bad for not saying. and im thinking about maybe doing a b20b and boosting the hell out of it i dont know yet

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b20 got some thin walls. LS on boost isn't bad if you're trying to be cheapish.

+1.. b20 boosted without sleeve job = BOOM in a very short time!


boosted LS with your tranny jesse would be good for a cheap turbo build.. but NOT a turbo B20 unless you plan on building it and having it sleeved and then boosting.. might as well go with a vtec head after all that trouble..

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