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need help figureing out this prob

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ok so basically i have a 2001 civic vtec with a check engine light on which i now realize will cause the vtec to not engage.The cel is for evap issues and a lack of a catalytic converter which will only pop up if another issue arises that turns the cel on (ie egr valve stuck or evap systen sensor tripped) i have not yet changed my gas cap or ran it on a smoker.This is not my main issue though, the issue is that when all else is normal for vtec to engage i cannot feel it or hear it (possibly because this is the smallest vtec ive owned) secondary issue is whether or not im able to make the vtec portion more powerful while remaining some what stock in the engine it self (ie i have exhaust and intake and will aquire headers as well) Im not too sure a bout vtec though ive had other cars that when it engages you can tell the difference with my current honda it almost seems to lag when vtec should engage.I hope this helps

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if your check engine light is on IT WILL NOT WORK




and a lot of people think vtec is some huge magical thing when in reality it isnt super easy to hear/feel... its EASIER to hear if you have a CAI and exhaust of course but some cars its still harder to hear



and you cant really MAKE vtec more powerful.. go watch the video on how it works.. you can do mods that increase flow etc but thats not making vtec more powerful.. just helping the motor all together



you could change when vtec engages which is dumb and pointless... esp. if you have a stock motor.. unless its built/tuned vtec crossover is best left where it is.. honda engineers know more about it then you do and put the crossover where it is for a reason






you should also check all the other things that could make you not crossover.. aka make sure your driving and not in neutral.. check your oil/oil pressue.. etc

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take the terminals off the battery for like 30 seconds or so



but depending on what the light it it'll just come back on shortly after.. its all safety stuff to not allow vtec to engage if something is wrong






i just thought about this since its been cold some places.. im not sure about an 01 but most older hondas wont crossover until the car is warmed up all the way.. have you been trying when its cold?

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no i usually warm it the am (which is like 1 or 2 in the afternoon for me lol) but it is fully heated by the time i get on the high way for work and thats when i try plus its been like 80 in ky here lately. i did however fix the evap prob it was the gas cap lol. also the cat conv is still coming on is there a way to bypass it, this is the first time a cel has come on for me due to the cat and i havent had a cat on any car i owned since i was 16 thats 10 years of no catalytic conv. is the setup diff from other cars (ie hondas) can i pull a fuse anything helps im going to the track on the 16 of this month for a before and after run this is my before and i hope to do good and get a solid base to work off of when i do my build :mad:

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