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happy bday David!


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Have lots of s*xy times with your gf hehe and fuuun! :D (SpeedDemon)


thanks leeners! lol didnt get any sexy time. dad is on vacation all week so parents were around

Happy Birthday whore slut!:D


thanks tramp!

happy day bitch.


thanks you hoe bag

Dood! Hoppy burfday!


thaaaaaannnnnnkkkksssssss yooooo sorry i didnt make it up there for lunch. the asshat lost the mains to the block so i said nooooo way. cause i cant buy mains anywhere. dealer wants 600+ and ti has to come with a block. BUT i will be making a trip to delaware ohio to get a b18a1 with a spun rod. gonna get some ls rods, crank, and such and do an ls vtec. found a guy selling p30 pistons and such for cheap in logan. so all in all i should spend around 500 and then machining fees :D

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