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I was driving, and all of a sudden i heard a noise coming from my engine.. I'm not certain it is the engine right now.. It sounds like rattling cans inside my engine. I took the alternator belt off and then i cranked it to see if that was the problem, it wasn't. So i did the same with the other belt next to it, same thing. Right now I just took the valve cover off and checked for anything broken.. nothing. I don't know what the problem could be, If you can help me out I would appreciate it a lot. Thanks.

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rattling hmmm.......it can be the valves sinking into the cylinder head or cylinder following guide clearance....but where is the rattling coming from? that is the question...oooh and as in cranked the belts you mean you made them tighter? beacause that will be really bad you want to tourqe the bolts to the manifactures specifications

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