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Idle Problems


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Hey all. I have a 1988 honda prelude 2.0S B20A3 (dual carb). motor has approx 186,XXX miles. recently whenever i would be stopped at a light or something, the motor would be idleing just fine at about 800rpms then all the sudden the rpms would start going lower and lower until the car almost stalled out then the rpms would jump back up to 800 and it would idle fine for anywhere between 10 seconds to whenever i started driving again. i have an air/fuel ratio guage and whenever i almost stall out it reads a lean mixture so im guessing its a fuel delivery problem? maybe fuel filter? also, as im driving down the road lets say at 45mph in 5th gear at a sready speed the car would begin to jerk like it was gonna stall out, then i give it more gas or let off the gas competely and it would accellerate or decellerate perfectly. i know my way around cars but this has me confused. maybe the carbs need to be cleaned? any suggestions would be much appreciated. peace!

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well on friday i replaced my o2 sensor and all it did was help my gas mileage and i thought it might help with the other problems. but the next thing im gonna do is replace the primary fuel filter. and i did check for vacuum leaks but did not find any so far. but thanks for the input :thumbsup:

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