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gotta love craigslist


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so in looking for del sol seats i come across this.. some things just dont make sense to me:





1998 Honda Civic Ex

1.6 D16 non vtec

5 Speed

NO AC (Horsepower is increased by 30)

All vtec ready just needs the head

Motor swap 40k on motor and trans

4-1 racing headers

Short ram intake/ air breather

Short throw shifter

Aftermarket running lights

Aftermarket grill w/ 15' red street glow

Painted red gauge cluster

Power everything


Shaved emblems/debadged

Clean Interior


New Front tires

Kuhmo directional low profile racing


17'' aluminum light weight racing Rims

New aftermarket struts and rear trail arm bushings

New Steering Column

Weight reduction modifications

Custom exhaust piping with monza exhaust tip

Blacked out tail lights

Pioneer head unit/ ipod wiring/ mp3

Window/Door tweeter speakers

Aftermarket pioneer speeakers

Two spare tires on steelies

Will include 2 rear coilovers

Oil changed every 3k

Oil and filter changed

Was inspected in May

No Trades


i had no idea a/c delete added THIRTY HORSEPOWER

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lol over here we have sunroofs and moonroofs.. i never understood it either


i almost emailed him and called him a f'in moron about the a/c


i dont understand the 1.6 but needs a head thing either

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lol only thing taking the a/c off does is reduce weight.. which isnt enough to actually matter IMO


i want a/c on my 240.. which is going to take some custom stuff.. but i think it'll be badass when im beating the losers who took a/c out to gain 30 hp

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im hoping with adding the a/c and adding a high flow cat it will make mine a bit more comfortable to ride in and maybe the extra back pressure will help it out



oh and i want del sol seats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Don't you mean lower back pressure? high flow cat = less back pressure = good. backpressure does nothing good for your engine. Yes, most cars have somewhere between .8 and 1.25 psi of backpressure, that doesn't mean it's good. It just means that a perfect exhaust hasn't been created yet. And yes, a high flow cat will make a difference, especially if you're running the original exhaust. Or just a really old one. Between the new, clean air filter and new exhaust I put on my car, it started purring. Probably gained a few horsepower too. Wish I had a pic of the old filter... it was horrible.


And on the topic of AC, it does make a difference. But if it's off, you might lose an imperceptible bit of horsepower. When it's on, you lose something like 3-6 hp, depending on the compressor and your engine. It's enough to cost some acceleration, but that's about it.

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you do want some back pressure in your exhaust though. other wise everyone would just run 4" piping all the way back


No, you don't. It's not a big deal if you have a little, but back pressure doesn't do your engine any good whatsoever. And probably the reason people don't run 4" piping is because it looks hideous.


and speaking i have NO cat right now.. it will be good


and the a/c is going back on because im tired of not being comfortable in the heat and when it rains



Wait a minute... your talking about the environment and telling Brian he should convert to E85 and yet you don't have a cat? No offense, but that's probably about the most hypocritical thing I've ever heard... At least you're getting one on. (Let me repeat, I mean no offense, I'm just surprised at that)


And I know what you mean about the A/C... I need to talk to Brad to see about getting a replacement for the piece I broke, and then finish installing the retrofit kit and get it charged.

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well if they ran 4 in piping you wouldnt see it because its under the car. and ideally you dont want any back pressure (like in F1 and other race cars) but on these public cars, there needs to be a little. the carburetors and fuel injection sysmtes are designed for engines that are muffled and have some back pressure. If you take away that back pressure, the fuel curve will be mismatched and will be lean.

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i fail to see how i'm a hypocrite when I am redoing my entire exhaust just to have a cat


when the exhaust was done it was kind of a 'hey this exhaust is horrible and falling apart we need to do something'.. and then came fixing numerous other things on the car.. like replacing the motor that was putting all kinds of bad crap in the air (i kind of thought replacing a motor that ran like crap and smoking black was a bit more important then redoing the exhaust) .. so the exhaust got put on hold.. but now that the motor is good and i have the fees/garage/books paid for college.. its getting the exhaust re-done


oh and i am such a hypocrite I was discussing how to create a hyrdrogen powered time attack car or maybe a full electric time attack car because I wouldn't mind working on a project like that




yes im a horrible emission loving hypocrite.. go global warming :crazy:

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Formula1 Motors are works of art. When you must pump heated fluids through the motor to allow the metal to heat up and reach its maximum expansion point just so it can rotate because you have machined your motor to such tolerances as such that your motor is effectively seized cold. It will run so efficiency that it dosn't need a cat. Not only that but they currently do run a bio fuel mix!


Alot of race cars run hi-flow cats as they help with not only back pressure but heat dissipation.


I Like Ferrari's view As they make such a small production run the few Ferrari's that are driven release less emission's then all the Prius' Hence forth they are an eco friendly company!

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i might have an extra one if you want it.. ill sell it super cheap so its not just laying around lol


i somehow ended up with two compressors.. we are about to put my a/c back on and use the one that came with the new motor and if that one works ill have an extra.. if it doesnt work i wont because ill have to use the second one i have lol

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