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so i want a car that i can do more in and get more bang for the buck basically


ive considered mustangs with 5.0s and 4.6s and the 5.4 swap

ive considered camaros and firebirds and LS1 swaps

ive considered other hondas

and basically settled on a 240sx


I wanted a s14 but since i just need a cheap body i'll probably end up with a s13 hatch (i like the hatch a little more then the coupe but i can work with either)


instead of a sr20 or boosted k it will be getting an RB25det

full swap is about 2k.. mounts about 400-500 for namebrand


suspension is picked out.. about 1500 (buddy club looks nice)


silvia front end.. about $700


rims: enkei 92's.. or old riken meshes.. or old epsilon meshes (have to find a set)


ill leave the motor alone for a while except clutch, boost controller, downpipe, blow off, etc (small stuff).. bf wants to get a limited slip differential and a high rev kit thing too but idk about the high rev kit



I know its a good motor and I know I can turn up the boost on stock internals because my brother in law is running a t-88 on his stock internals and its nice and strong.. so turning up stock turbo wont hurt a thing


Im trying to find a decent cheap body right now but no one wants to email back :dry: but im also not trying to hard cause i have to get rid of the truck (i havent really been trying to sell it until now) but once the truck sells we'll pick up a car and start ordering all the other stuff :D



(I called shanes motor a slut cause everyone has sr20s lol)


I'm trying to plan this project out as much as possible before I start

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do work kid



thats sex on wheels. your going in the right direction, get it planned out first. sounds like you got a good list going on, cant really think of anything to add unless you start adding lots o hp.












oh yeah sr20 slut motor...its not a slut, its a tramp. sluts at least look decent where tramps are on the bottom of the totem pole(hint hint)

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I think turbo'ing a KA would be a hell of a lot of fun. plus whereare you finding rb25det's for 2 grand? does it come with ECU, and a wiring harness made for left hand drive?

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they are all over the place.. they are between 1800-2500 for motor/tranny/harness/ecu etc


my brother in law paid like 2500 after shipping for his and he found them cheaper after he ordered it lol


oh yah and they even have a huge amount of information for wiring and mounting the rb.. there is like a 8 step list for wiring the rb



oh and i put a 302 in a truck that hardly fit a 4 cylinder.. i think this will be a lot better lol

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My cousin has a \'95 240 zenki front with the origin streamline kit and some HUGE dished rims, of an unknown brand. crap is HAWWWWWWWWWWT. Nothing wrong with the s13\'s though.


Not his car, but same kit. He\'s on a SR20 swap as well, netting low 12\'s on different rims and drag radials. Painted in Viper red as well.





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