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So a while back I lowered my Sol and F-d up my halfshafts.


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So, as the topic states, I made a big whoops. I was 17 at the time, knew nothing and still know nothing.


I was given lowering springs from a friend for free, he had no use for them.


Apparently that caused the halfshafts to be at too extreme of an angle and that screwed them up bad.


How and why did this happen? And how would I avoid this problem again?

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um.... wow, were you riding on frame? I didnt think sols could be lowered to the point of where bearing races would get scarred, but aparently i was wrong.

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billy's press out issue is a possibility.


I think a very likely issue is that your shafts had worn-in at the stock angle and when you made the significant lowering that the joints were now rotating and riding on a spot that was not the original worn region.


My shafts displayed a similar issue after 1k miles or so from being lowered 3in. The original shafts are of unknown age and I assume they were thousands of miles and several years old when I did it.

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