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    Worcester, MA
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    Travis Kirby
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    1993 Honda Civic Del Sol S
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    Racing seats
    Silk Automotive Full Cat-Back
    15" Rota Circuit 10s
    Front Strut Bar
    Lowering Springs
    VR3 Sound System head unit
    Mugen Power Shift knob
    Amber Fog
    JDM Corner Lenses
    JDM Mud Guards
  1. Lol, i was wondering when that was gonna happen
  2. Thanks, I need the cash, that's why it's priced so low. But I don't even know if I wanna sell her anymore. I think I might miss her too much.
  3. Damn, I gone and did get fracked up the ass. lol
  4. I still have the sol if anyone is interested
  5. I'm just wondering if anyone is selling any Xbox 360s?
  6. Definitely go with the Drags, or go with Rota GT3s, or Rota Circuit 10s
  7. whoops, sorry. Here ya go. http://worcester.craigslist.org/cto/1335911279.html and not listed on the ad are new Half-Shafts: $160.00 and if you want more pictures i can email
  8. here's a link, sorry i was in a hurry. Here ya go. https://accounts.craigslist.org/post/shwpst...70288&db=lv
  9. I'm selling my 93 del Sol. If you are interested pm me. 4250 obo
  10. I live in Worcester Massachusetts. and just the other day, pulling out of the Bank of America parking lot in tatnuck square, was a black del sol. With a HUGE HUGE HUGE intercooler sticking out the front bumper. I was just wondering if anyone knew who it was.
  11. I have the exact same, identical, 100% problem.
  12. Probably won't be too expensive. it's 20 bucks for the bigger window at junk yards out here. not bad.
  13. Also, I went to the junk yard and grabbed 2 IAC valves. Neither of which worked. My sol is manual. One of the IACs was from an automatic civic, would make a difference?
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