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what about a z6 head?...not trying to be dificult just using whats around me...oh and can someone answer my first question?


a z6 would work great too. not sure on what you need to accomplish the full swap, im not too familiar with the a6.


heres a link to some heads on CL



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z6 and y8 head would both work, but the y8 head would yield more compression. you could get the same affect from milling the head, using a thinner gasket, and using a y8 intake manifold. there are ton of things you can do with the a6 and make it just as good as the z6 or y8. when building either motor, the main advantage with a vtec head is it makes things a little easier for dd.

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well the z6 head will need new valves...maybe i can just run the a6 and then build up the z6 head to run properly then swap heads...ill just need the P28 ECU

do it, you wont have to do squat with the block, port the head, crower or bisimoto valvetrain, shave the head, i/h/e, tune. would make a very respectable NA daily.

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