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April/May General Photography Contest

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March was FAIL and Ashley has gone AWOL. How about a new contest?


Theme for April/May: "April showers bring May flowers"




Submissions may only be made by the actual photographer.*

All submissions must be received by the last day of the month.

All submissions must be related to the theme.

Only three (3) submissions may be made per user.**

It is recommended that submissions must be recent photographs. Future contests will require that all submitted photographs are taken within a specific timeframe.

Additional rules may be added at any time, and the current rules may be altered at any time.



* You may not submit photographs that a friend, family member, etc. has taken. It should also go without saying that you cannot submit photographs that you've found on the internet, or from any other source. You have to take the photograph(s) that you submit!

** The first three photographs any one user submits will be the only ones that qualify, so do not post until you're certain you want the photo included in the contest.



April/May 2009 Contest


Theme: April showers bring May flowers


End Date: Sunday, May 31, 2009 @ 11:59 PM EST. (Submissions following this date and time will not qualify.)




Please keep discussion to a minimum!


Voting will be open to all members, and will take place within 1-3 days following the end of the contest.

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