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fastest gokart ever?

fastest kart?  

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  1. 1. which one do you think is faster?

    • DSM Kart
    • YZF Kart
    • Busa Kart

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i think this is the fastest gokart ever! true is has a suspension, headlights, taillights, powersteering, disc brakes, etc.. but its a gokart.. lets just call it a big boy gokart, lol


4G63T powered gokart, ENJOY::

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same thing i wondered when i first seen the video.. but it doesnt have a shell of anything so it should suck in cool air from all around.. i would have relocated it on top at a slight angle or something to that degree..

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i just found it some competition...


this one doesnt look near as safe.. looks like a yard kart with slicks and big assed engine... but i would ride it, haha :laugh:


YZF R1 powered gokart, ENJOY::


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That 4g63 kart has some serious compression surge going on. He needs a proper bov.


All stock for stock, the busa kart has gotta have it won, but the 4g63 one definitely has more potential. The smaller ones simply can't get enough traction to compete with those little tires.

My neighbor has a little gokart like the busakart with a 5-hp briggs&stratton motor that he built up and it can reach 105mph. I think he's pulling like 35hp out of that thing. lol

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