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My little incodent on the autobahn

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This was my first BMW i had... well heres the story, we were on our way to trier to go see the castles and do some sight seeing and i was going 240kmh (144mph) and all of a sudden the back left rear tire popped and it started sliding sideways and was about to roll, then the right rear hit the right guard rail and popped the right rear tire, then it was hang on and go for a ride bouncing from side to side of the autobahn.. everyone was okay but me because i had previously dislocated my collar bone and it dislocated again and i hit my head really hard on my window.. when the car came to a stop i rolled out the car and some german civilians stopped and helped pick up parts of the car since i was in alot of pain...


first tire to go, thats the right rear tire laying against the car



guy in the green is one of my friends SGTs that came to our rescue, the two guys in the middle are the guys that were in the car with me, and the guy on the right is a german polizei








getting put on the flat bed, off to the junk yard




on the flatbed, byebye bimmer :(


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hahaha yeah, but i checked them they were fine, everything was. oil, coolant, tire pressure, no gouges in the tires, nothing was wrong with it... but something messed with my tire...



oh and the polizei said he seen skid marks and started picking up tire particles about a mile down the autobahn where it had first popped... that was one long ride and scary as hell after i got out b/c i noticed on the other side of the right guard rail it was a huge drop off...

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its good that you didnt have the same thing happen that happened to me...


but yeah that was one crazy ride, i seriously thought i was going to die... oh and EVERYTHING was in slowmotion like some weird matrix stuff...

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