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Spoon to give us LHD NSX-R?

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US-based Honda fanboys take note: the US arm of Honda specialists Spoon Sports has confirmed that they will be converting left-hand-drive US-spec NSXs into full NSX-R trim in the very near future.


So, while the only Type R the US market ever (officially) enjoyed was the ol' DC2 Integra, American enthusiasts should be able to get their hands on a rebuilt LHD NSX in full JDM NSX-R trim soon. That means the cars will come with completely re-tuned suspensions featuring harder springs, stiffer shocks and thicker swaybars; a carbon fibre bonnet, carbon fibre rear spoiler, flat underbody trays and a rear diffuser; slotted brake rotors, remapped ECU and a shorter final gear ratio.


The NSX-R was also famous for what it didn't have, and the Spoon-converted cars should be no different. Therefore you can expect the LHD NSX-R's to feature lightweight forged 17-inch rims, carbon fibre-backed Recaro seats, a smaller battery, manually-adjusting mirrors, thinner rear glass, lightweight carpets, no sound deadening and a can of goo in lieu of a spare tyre. Talk about going on a diet - the JDM cars only weighed around 1270kg.


The LHD NSX-Rs are still a work in progress, however Spoon Sports has assured us that they'll give us a holler when they're done. In the meantime though, Spoon will be freighting a 447kW twin-turbocharged JDM NA2 NSX-R (pictured) over to the USA to help whip up some excitement in the lead up to the 2010 NSX's launch, and presumably generate some interest in the converted LHD NSX-Rs as well. Despite its almost bone-stock appearance, this car should be one hell of a machine and will definitely be one to keep an eye on as it tours the show circuit. We'll keep you posted on Spoon's plans for the NSX.


SRC: http://jpcnews.blogspot.com/2008/08/spoon-...xs-to-type.html



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im guessing like $95,000+ i know back when i was about 15 one of my step dads friends bought a brand new NSX and it cost him 85k so it being a NSX-R would raise that price a pretty penny... plus if spoon comes out with a version, i dont even want to think about that price tag :sleep2:

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