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How to reach higher rpm's faster

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raise the compression, more aggresive cams, and a good tune on an aftermarket ecu. not just tranny work cause if you just do that then youll be stressing the stock motor.


heres a clip of my ITR with just cams and bolt ons, nothing too crazy. and it still lags a little.

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Yeah with a new fly wheel there is less torque used to move the fly wheel so in turn the rpm's just a lot quicker. My friend has one his b18c1 and the rpm's wrap up so quick. unlike my friends stock b16 with normal fly wheel. I drove both cars so I could tell that b18 gets up and goes after he put on the flywheel.

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oh yea i get it now but, a flywheel is a good mod as long as you make the rite choice on which one to choose rite? cause i got one from clutch net and it's 8lbs, im running a h2b kit in my del sol was i wrong or rite going with that product?

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anyone remember this?


ssr's thread about how to make a -1.5lb flywheel..... LOL....


Wow.....he's an idiot. Seriously, the flywheel weighs the same.



Hey.....know how to make your a 170hp GSR into a 340hp GSR without doing a single mod?....Seriously....buy a second GSR and boom....you have a 340hp GSR.

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They're too busy cuddling with each other to come on here. You do remember that SolLes was always part way in SSR's butt all the time.


just part way in? did he at least give him a reach around?


better get back to topic or this thing is gonna get locked.

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