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My "Build" Thread


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make a thread for your car and discuss details...like details for the suspension and all :)

I figured I might as well so I don't keep jacking Ben's thread.>_<



So yeah, here's my car








20% tint

Kicker/Boston sound system

Black ceramic painted 2.25" cat-back

Eibach Pro Street-S coilovers

Eibach anti-roll kit

AEM V2 intake

Pioneer AVIC-Z3 head unit




Gram Lights 57 Maximum or SSR C-RS

OEM foglights




Any comments/suggestions are welcome.

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nice :) and I'll look at vids when I get home...


what is your goal? more peak power/torque?...or more in midrange?...


what kind of header? like if you get a good hybrid one, you'll have low end peak torque and more peak gains


how much of a drop?

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Vids are the same as I've already posted, except for the sound system vid, which prob sucks anyways. Cheap vid cam....Lemme know if you've got a sub and can hear it well, but I doubt it. :sleep2:


Definitely looking for midrange...In this car, 5K - redline only lasts a couple seconds at best.


The V2 Intake is supposed to supply more power throughout the entire range.


The Eibach coilovers are a 1.4-2.6 drop....but I'd keep it as high as possible.


And I already have an Eibach anti-roll kit just waiting to go on.



No idea for header...I'll take suggestions...

And once I get all of this out of the way (hopefully by end of March), I'll take suggestions on what to do next...maybe wheels...and I'm thinking about black housing headlights, but can't find any for an 05, plus I'm pretty happy with the stock ones anyway. 8)

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Credit card just allows me to get stuff now rather than in a month. It will still probably take me a little while to figure out exactly what I want to get and where to get it though...


So anyone got a link for a header...also looking for cheapest place to get Eibach coilovers?


Also what do you think of these?

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4-2-1 header


4-2-1 since you want mid range...and long small diameter tubes give midrange power too...and it's stainless :) it's just that it's expensive...


the rims, NIICE! would a photoshop help?


EDIT: dropping would make your car look even better :Donline stores Eibach and there is the local option too...

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make sure when you order your header you check to make sure the whole thing is stainless, not just the tubes.


i got my eibachs from hpautoworks.com. that was like 5 years ago but they were the best prices i found for my car

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^lol...Looks better too tho


Wheels 15-16"


Thanks Lina :thumbsup:


Why stainless Jordan?

EDIT: Also do you just have springs or full coilovers? And how much were they? I don't see any Eibach on that site. Tirerack has the full coilovers for just under $1000 (cheapest I can find)

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IMO, I think it would look better not having one shiny thing in the engine bay, esp since the rest of the car will be either grey or black, including my cat-back.


Are you just saying that because you'd rather have it shiny and polished looking?


EDIT: could you find a black ceramic one to begin with?

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