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We had a subi drive today my boy picked me up for some fun down death valley in NV/Cal about 30 subarus and about 10-20 VW I just got back trip started at 10am but the trip was cut short. 2 of are friends flew and rolled off a 7-8ft cliff fuking sucks balls. They were ok but I wish I could say the same for the STI's. One rolled 3 times (Blue STI) side ways the other did a front flip (white STI) one of are friends took them to the hospital no word yet on how there doing. Here are the pics of the after math this was about a hr ago.






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the blue one lost control on the turn tried to recover and flipped side ways off-- the white one couldnt see anything with all the dirt in the air from what im told. I have video just editing sorry dont have the actual accident. just recording then poof smoke in the air and speed up to see what happen and end up finding the 2 cars off the road. :(

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thats the crazzy thing the blue does actual off road rally and has trophies not sure how he lost control.I dout he was acting stupid or showing off thats not like him he saves it for the track maybe speed and lack of visibility not sure.

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damn, for a second i thought the white one was a wagon just cause of how it looks all smooshed. everyones okay, right?


Their ok few cuts here and there. Thanks for asking.



that will be interesting to explain to insurance companies and parents or wives


Thats what i was saying. >_<

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Here is a update was sent out to everyone in the crew.


Yeah, I had the white one. My girlfriend and I are fine, we walked into the hospital and wanted a check up, told them what happened, they freaked out and sent us directly into the trauma unit. I was and still am in NO pain, my girlfriend has neck and upper back pain, but the x-rays show no fractures, no internal bleeding, just some bruises and a light neck sprain. My airbag did the majority of the damage, giving me some bruises on my face and arms. It looks a heck of a lot worse than I feel.


**** and his passenger are okay as well, but did not check in at a hospital. **** went back out to the site to check on the cars and his was already gone, with mine being put on a flat bed. Both cars are now at a towing lot in Pahrump and we have both started claims with our insurance companies.


I want to thank all of you for your support and concerns. The incident was not ****** fault and I certainly don't blame anyone but myself for the accident. I'm not sure exactly how it happened really, I know there was rocks, gravel, sand, etc., a twist in the road and possibly an elevation change (slight bump). I'm sure I was over the 35mph speed limit, but honestly **** and I were not attacking the corner by any means and pushing it hard. I'm not an expert driver at all, but I have a few hundred track miles under my belt and over a dozen autocross events so I'm kinda familiar with car control. That plus Juan crashing right behind me leads me to believe it was more than just driver error.


I'm probably most known as one of the track whores, so I'm quite glad to see that at least in this tragic incident, you guys are talking about taking your cars to a controlled, safe environment, and off the streets. I've gone off course at Spring Mountain before because of excessive entry speeds, and no damage was done to the car because the course is built with runoffs exactly for these instances. Public roads simply are not. If this doesn't push you guys to track your cars I don't know what else will. I heard all day everyone talking about speed and driving and the twisties, and we spent a lot of time and money organizing and attending the group drive, and yet Flat4 has almost no presence at road course / driving events in town because it's "too expensive" or "I have to work" or "I have to do a photoshoot." I hope this accident can maybe change some of your minds about your priorities.


Any help for **** and I to help pay for any insurance or medical coverages would be greatly appreciated, but not something I expect at all. This was my fault and I'm prepared to accept the consequences. Also whoever mentioned the tint hookup on the new cars, thank you greatly! I'll definitely hit you up on that Wink


As far as the car goes, I don't know if I'll be able to part it out or not. I would love to help you guys out, my Syms wing, driver side Bride seat, shift knob, SPT Intake, and a few other parts are still in tact, but I'll see what my insurance says and report back.


Once again thank you all for the support. *****, *****, ****, ****, everyone thank you for your help. I'll still see you all out at the track, maybe with a rental car, maybe with a new beater, maybe with an 08 STi...Wink


******(alive and healthy)



Hey everyone its ****,blue sti driver ...must say it was pretty cool to toss and flip...but the outcome is sooooo not worth it....lost my sti wich is what hurts more, but as it has been said it is replacible. not too sure what happened just know i tried to avoid hitting into ******, then i was sideways trying to gain control. right when i was going to get control of the car i was a little airborne, and before i knew it i had done 3 flips and my car was right side up and a pile of junk metal. all i can say is that subarus are proven to be the safest or one of the safest cars on the road and this goes to prove it. just want to send my wishes to ****** and his gf. glad we all made it out with no problems. soon enough i should be riding an 08 or an 09 depending on how this is delt with by the ins. but i will have my sti back... and no more wrecks....thanks to everyone on the drive that showed much support. me and my brother both thank you deeply for your concerns and support. thank you *****..

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