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superhonda.com sucks


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i joined to promote my car maybe one of their members might have been interested in buying my crx....neverrrrr have i been treated with more disrepse4ct on a site then them....not only did they talk all this junk(2 moderators) but they also deleted my post and told me to stick to hondaforums.com like they are superior

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HF is great for having a personal community, but not anywhere close to HT and some others for sheer availability of knowledge.


I spend about 85% of my time on HF, 10% on SS and 5% on HT. Only reason I am on HT is for learning.

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well out of all the forums im on, i usually just check this one and nsxprime.com, thats pretty much it, i dont waste my time on honda tech, or jdmcivic.com blah blah blah, The money shots are all here lol

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