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Today, I am legal.


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I haven't been on in a loooong time.


but today...I am eighteen. :]



& I got a new car a few months ago.

Pictures another time.


I'm legal.

I can buy cigarettes.

I can purchase porn.

I can get lottery tickets.

I can buy stuff off television.

I can be tried as an adult.

& my probation ends today.





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congrats on being legal.

um, you can be tried as an adult at a much younger age. i was almost tried as an adult when i was 13, but i had a kick ass lawyer and that record is sealed forever anyway. washington state doesnt even acknowledge it exists. as far as they are concerned, i disappeared off the planet for 3 1/2 months. anyways.....



cigs arent that special, but i remember how cool it was to be able to buy them for my underage friends. now i buy alcohol for my underage friends. *cough* TSjohn *cough*

i hear ya on that porn! but who buys it anymore anyway? you can get it for free on the net.


also, congrats on being off probation! thats always a good thing. Im still waiting to get taken off of mine.

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