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Show off your del sol!!!


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mine now has 15" satin black kosei k1's and no more side skirts plus back to stock rear bumper... omnipower coilovers are on the top of the to do list.


and here is a vid even!!


13.3... she needs a dino tune, thats on a street tune

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that blue looks so much better than the one in your sig


The sig had to be faded out as the sun reflection off the hoods of the car made the rest of the pic hard to see.

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Kudos to traveling to the hellhole known as Miami for a stock ass Del Sol. LOL.


I know what you mean. Unless I wanted to drop 6-7k on a pre-modded car this is all I had to choose from. Ohio is well known for its extremely excessive use of salt. Since Ohio straddles the freeze line everything is always melting and refreezing daily, so they salt the roads daily. It is very difficult to find a Sol that is not rust eaten in this area. That and when we were looking for a car we had to find one immediately. We sold her accord before we found a replacement vehicle. Bought this one after 2 hours of internet searching.

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