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Happy birthday BuddySol!


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where are you at so i can steal a crutch and tease you with it.


LOL...you wouldn't be the first one :mad: that's ok, by the time you get here, the cast should be off. I get my freakin' leg back on my birthday! WooHoo!


happy birthday, how old?


Old enough... :(

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Happy birthday man.

Bummer, which leg was it and do you need rehab now?


I broke the right leg...the fibula to be exact. So no driving whatsover, which just kills me...


Since the cast came off, I can barely walk since my leg is pretty much weak now. So for now, I walk with crutches still, and still no driving. I do these exercises to at least wake up the muscles in my foot/calf. If it doesn't do any better within the week, then it's off to physical therapy.



AGAIN, thank you all for the b-day wishes. Much appreciated...and even with my damn bum leg, I made the most of it this year ;-)

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