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The chronicles of Billy.


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Wow, life's been a little wierd the last few months.


I lived with my dad when i got back home from DC over the summer. He was a big butthead so I moved out of that house into my mom's old house that was still up for sale with a few roomates who royally fracked me over. After 15 days past the rent due date I told them they either had to get me their rent or move out so the next day they all moved out and still have not paid me any money for the rent. 200 and 287.50 for a kickass house including electricity, water, and cable.


So I am liv ing alone until i move in with my friend danny who has that black VW Jetta wolfsburg. There's an extra room here where i am so i think this will be a good place to stay while i finish everything and train/ lose weight for the NAVY.


I work at Domino's as a "Delivery Expert" making a lot for the little work i do.


I am ordering KSports, Camber kit, and STS rear sway bar. within the month.


I'm getting a new computer for my birthday tomorrow, and my mom's getting me a laptop for xmas.


I haven't been on in about 2 months regularly so i thought i'd catch up.


oh and my car has 224k miles on it.

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asvab score= 94


recruiters annoy me.



hahaha. you can pretty much do any job you want to do. what are you looking at doing? make sure you get a good bonus. you can negotiate alot in your contract too.

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