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Civic Si


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I recently went to the honda dealership near me and i know one of the salesmen personally and i was actually looking at the s2k and talking to him about it. They wanted 34k for a brand new one. well he was saying that for a lower price i could get a 2006 civic si with the k20 in it (i checked myself) and it would cost $20,000 not including me trading in my "go-kart" or del sol....do you think it would be worth it honestly?


btw, that civic has new head lights, tail lights, new rims (which are ugly), front grill, new tint, and warrenty.

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save your money and buy a second hand S2000, you can get one for alot cheaper than 20,000 now.


and just a hint noob, use the other sections of the forum as well, there is a civic part of it which may have been more appropriate, and you'd probably get better answers when u post up in the right section

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alright i just wanted to get some input from the del sol people that is why i put it in this part of the forum.


I just going to keep the del sol and get a k20 swap project going instead, just gotta find another car to drive while i start to take the car apart to swap everything!


btw @seb.james, I already know about posting topics and comments in other parts of the forum, I have already put a topic on the rsx part, and i wanted to ask to del sol people, that is why i put it here.

But i do thank you for the tip and will post topics in other parts of the forum!

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Where do you live that they're so rare?


I prolly see one (besides mine of course) at least every day. Then again I have trained my eyes to gravitate towards them at all times.


Edit: For the record, my opinion on civic Si models is that they aren't worth the money. I just don't see anything special about civics except for reliability and affordability. I'd never tune one up -- it's still a civic to me. Not to say there aren't sweetly tuned civics. I just couldn't bring myself to do it.

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I live GA, actually i am 10 mins away from the Georgia/Florida Line. Saint Marys/Kingsland to be exact. I have seen only 3 where i live. A beat up, faded paint red one, good looking black one, and a almost mint and stock blue one. Then there is my black one with a weird top.


Also to join you john, My eyes are trained as well to find then and focus on them.

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