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My Room...




JVC 450W 3-cd changer system

Altec Lansing IPOD Deck/Player

About half my cd's...






Philips 27" TV

Insignia DVD Player

Sony PS2 Slim

Games, DVD's




14" Macbook

HP Laser Printer






Bose Wave Radio...BALLER.





HP Deskjet Printer

GE Speakers




Sony WEGA LCD 55" TV

Sony 5-disc DVD/CD Changer

Sony 5-speaker 600W Surround Sound w/ 10" Sub

Verizon Fios Digital Cable Box w/ HD

Nintendo Wii

Xbox 360



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I just got this as you can tell by all the finger prints on the screen 73" diamond series mitsubishi. On top is the Wii. Sony dvd/VCR player and a Tivo unlimited I dont ever have to pay monthly :) And all for a low low price of FREE. A gift from my girls parents.Now to try and get them to fork over the corvette lol.



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No pics, because I'm lazy...



26" Samsung SlimFit Flat Screen TV

PS2 (original :p)

DirecTV 40gb Tivo

RCA VCR, lol

PC - custom built, 15" LCD (need an upgrade one of these days), surround sound

HP Photo Printer



42" Panasonic HDTV Plasma

DirecTV HR-20 HD DVR

Sony HDMI up-convert DVD Player

Pioneer surround sound (receiver, sub, speakers)

Nintendo Wii



Bose SoundDock (usually by the pool table, but in my BR at the moment)

Sony PSP

Nintendo DS

Mac 14" iBook G4

WD 250gb External HD (usually just hook it to the Mac)

Samsung External DVD Burner w/ Lightscribe

20gb Apple iPod

30gb Apple iPod Video

100's of DVDs, bunch of video games for all systems

Palm PDA

Samsung digital camera

Sony Cyber-Shot U digital camera

Sony Mini DV video camera


Selling at the moment:

Nintendo GameCube

Nintendo GBA SP


Probably forgot some...

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