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some old pics...

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i miss that car, may she rest in pieces. she was never recovered by the way so if you guys but an itr part online somewhere there probably a good chance it came from this one, ha ha.










if i ever do get another one, its gonna be when i have my own house so i can store it in my backyard and hide it from lowlife theives.

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I remember some of those pictures. Ahh... the memories...


At least you had the foresight to properly insure it and all. Hopefully there will one day be something better that comes along.


I remember someone on HT recently selling a pristine teg with like 36k on it that was one of his toys since it was brand new. For like 11k. Can't remember if it was a GSR or an ITR but I bet it's still up for sale, maybe. Could be worth checking out.

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Will it hit 11,000 rpm though..? I never rev mine more then 9500.....

my first itr could hit 10k easy they way me and my friends built it, plus i was running a spoon ecu. the itr i have pictured is my 2nd one, just had the basic bolt ons. even if i would try rev that high it would cut me off at 86k, i ran a jdm p73.

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I NEVER,... EVER met a girl that ever talk about 10,000rpm..!!! All girls I know talked about shoes and crap..

This girl talk JDM, 10k revs, cams and stuff. Am still stunned...!!!

You should come to Jakarta, Nancy...!!!

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