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Car Rant!!!

Rick B.

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Im tired of people asking for thousands of dollars more for their car's just because they have like an intake or whatnot. f*ck, its annoying. There is this one guy asking $6600 for a del sol when bluebook is less than $3500 and he is trying to talk to me about the street value of a car. A damn dealership wouldnt ask that much. There is another guy asking for over 7800 for a 91 mr2 turbo stock! im sitting here like wtf. the blue book on that car was $2600.


mr2 turbo

another insane mr2 price

wtf del sol

del sol i might get, but after he lowers price

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well. here is the car im getting. the guy just confirmed the deal for me. im giving him two laptops and $500 cash.

it has 200k miles. click


I just took it for a test drive. its nice. it doesnt have the gsr fat fives but it has some white rims and is lowered on skunk2 springs. It also comes with an aem cai and dc header.

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A dealership would probably be asking more than $6600 for a del Sol. People can price them at what they want and usually have them sell for that price, since they're not as common as a regular Civic.

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