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I hate honda-tech


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I was looking at CK hoods from CompositeFab on HT and asked


need price of 99-00 Civic 2 door


yellow weave


shipped to 22202


and a very concerned veteran tries to "help" me with this...


Are you effing kidding me.....Do you plan on reading anything about a company or whats going on? Or just gonna throw cash at nothing. If that is the case, send the paypal cash to me......rob_dogg55@yahoo.com Price shipped is $2499


followed by this...


see this is the problem, most newer users and im my case..(memfab threads are 70+ pages) even older ones only read the 1st page, and dont realize the thread is actually 49 pages deep this point w/ the last 10 pages arent really to positive.


and i rebut with this...


how about this...


you screw off and stop being a weiner just like every other "veteran" on this thread and help out. I dont want to read 50 pages of bullcrap that is usually bumps or thumbsup emoticons to say it's a good product. I thought the hoods look frackin sick and i wanted one so i was going to see how much they cost.


If you didnt want to help, why did you post? You think you're making me feel stupid? nah.. im alright.




thats all i wanted to know, i didnt even say i was going to buy one.. im not rich.


the only reason i ever go on there is to check prices for parts i want... now i want to kick everyone in the balls.


i dont see how im a "new user" when im on here with over 7000 posts and have been for 2 years.



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HT users get their panties in a bunch over nothing.


Since the thread was so long, and you obviously didn't keep up with it from the start, then word of advice would be to read the first page or two, and the last page or two. Especially since it was for a product/purchase.

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Yeah, I like how this forum is small enough that I know many users by their real names, what they drive, and what they've done to it. Exactly the reason why I really would like to go to the HF meet but would never go to a HT meet. If I just wanna look at Hondas I'll stay home and go on teh webbernet.

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I've got a couple things I'm buying off HT as we speak lol.


It's like whoever stated -- the people there are buttheads but the market is AWESOME.

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