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So we ran a CEL check on my car tonight

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my buddy jumped the CEL harness and we put my car in the "on" position, then it immediately threw 3 codes.


7, 10, and 43


In no particular order, it was Throttle Angle, Intake Air Temp, and Fuel Delivery System...EFF MEEEEE


So any one of those could determine why vtec isn't engaging.


I want the ignition timing checked as well as valve timing if possible.


I'm also going to put a knock sensor on (courtesy of EH6TunerDaniel) and try running a stock P72 or P30 ecu....


I'll let ya'll know what happens...:thumbsup:

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Don't forget the non-existent code 20. The AIDS!


Hopefully crap gets figured out tomorrow Dan, good luck! I hope Jose pulls through. From one Honda technician to another.


And as I said, Glenn doesn't think timing is doing it at all. It might be why it shuts off, maybe, but could be from some of the other symptoms.

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Check your TPS as mentioned, IAT, and all fuel stuff (pump, injector wiring(which I think would throw a code 16), test the injectors, etc). Test all the wiring.

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