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Week 8: What would you do?


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I did this a little early, seemed like some people didn't like the vehicle choices, since they are too new and expensive. They were just the first similar cars I thought of.


Mitsubishi Galant VR-4 sedan


Infiniti G20t sedan (Touring, not turbo)


For people who do not know, Galant VR-4's are DSM's. They have the 4G63, they are just like the Plymouth Laser TSi, Mitsubishi Eclipse GSX and GST, and Eagle Talon TSi. Infiniti G20's come with SR20DE's stock.

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I would pick the Infiniti G20, swap in a JDM SR20DET, build a sleeper and a half. I would get the old boxy style, I forget the chassis, I believe a B13. The Galant is another car I love though. I will try to get pictures of my friend Ainsley's G20, thing is redonkulous, I love her car.

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