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x mas time comes again


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This is the camera I have:




Pretty decent point and shoot camera...low light shots aren't that great, where noise becomes more prevalent and increasing the ISO just brought out that ugliness even more...but it's a very rare camera that it's pocket-sized, has a 10x optical zoom with anti-shake and a pretty nice video feature. Besides, most pictures will come out spectacular when printing them out normal picture sizes and what not. It took some awesome pictures in Europe.


To be honest, my Minolta G400 took better night pics and I liked it better than the Casios, which everyone had...and overall the images were a bit sharper at full pic and the Minolta had a good manual setting, wish every camera had such settings...but when printing out my Minolta shots and comparing them with my Panasonic, both shots seemed to come out the same, with the Panasonic looking a bit better in a couple.

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Nancy ordered one with a starter package for like $800, thats not too bad.


That's usually just the body price on the SLRs, sometimes with a lens. The additional lenses are what get you lol.

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