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Crazy songs

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Well I like the kinda upbeat techno so I would suggest:


Darude - Sandstorm

DJ Jean - The Launch

ATB - Till I come

ATB - its a fine day

Ian Van Dahl - Castles in the sky

The Matt Darey Ibiza Euphoria cd 1 is really good too.

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diana fox- "running on empty" (dance)

????????? - "oh boy" (rap)

??????? - "kelaidescope skies" (dance)

astroline - "i close my eyes" (dance)

lil bow wow - "thank you" (rap)

sir mix alot - "you can't slip" (rap)



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Breakbeats, rave and acid techno during the night.


Come into my Dream - Foggy

Who Needs Guitars Anyway - Alice Deejay

Fugees - Ready Or Not (Jungle Remix) - Aphrodite

Club Ghost - DoubleN

Ameno - DJ Quicksilver

Firestarter - Prodigy

Heaven - DJ Sammy & Yanou ( The 10 minute version, not these wuss 4 minute mixes )

Dooh Dooh (Darude VS JS16 Mix) - Barcode Brothers

Pistolero - Juno Reactor

James Bond Theme - Moby

You're not alone - Olive

Someone - Ascension

Unchained Melody - DJ Mystic ( for those times you're with your girl ;)

Apflux - Velvet Acid Christ

Fun With Drugs - Velvet Acid Christ

Eye In The Sky - Mars & Mystre

Nightmare - Brainbug/Ministry of Sound


That's all for now folks. :)

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moby's techno remix of the bond theme is tight!!! i gotta agree darksaint!


if you want some good bass look into r&b songs, i know they're gay but they have good bass.


me 2 cents:



ludacris - pretty much any of them

504 boyz - tight whips

nelly ft. sheeda - stl ta atl

big tymerz - numba 1 stunna

field mob ft. yb - sick of being lonely



any remix's (or original) mega man stuff

moby - james bond theme

digital assains - lock it down (song dom plays on fast & the furious just b4 first race)


unreleased or rare:

aesop rock - day light

aesop rock - nightlight

eminem ft. Xzibit - "unreleased freestyle" <<<thats whats its called on kazaa, but i'm not sure of the real name

krs one - sound of da police


thats just my opinion on a few songs. and those songs aren't necessarily "bass competition" songs, but they will help you get laid :D

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Guest that1chrisguy

Darude is awesome--

Moby has some good ones--


that fast and the furious song is hella good for being so upbeat


as for the Big Tymers, they've got several good beats!


also-- Inspector Gadget Theme, Remixed.

Beastie boys "intergalactic" Pot Remix is tight.

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Ahhh...Overclocked. I haven't been there in a while. I like the Final Fantasy VII anthem one, i believe.


Nothing beats going 100 down the Grapevine with some happycore beats pounding at your head. It's like a video game.

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edit: how do you download them? i'm listening to the metal gear solid 2 one, but it started playing on my computer...is it streaming...or did it download somewhere on my computer. thanx


ummm...if you clicked a link and started hearing it then it's probably streaming. right click the link and hit "save target as" and it'll download to your computer and ya got it. or just go download kazaa and get them off of there.

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If you have it set to download in your cache, it's actually on your computer, but it's called something like cache28109321.mp3, unless it is from a streaming server. If it's from a standard http server, then you downloaded it, and it's either playing from the browser memory or from your download cache. Either way, it's best to just Save Target As... like honda_civicex95 said.

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good songs:

96 quite bitter beings-CKY

attached at the hip-CKY

chop suey- system of a down

free nation- antiflag

hell song-sum 41

here to stay- korn

inhuman creation station- CKY

like a stone- audioslave

make me bad- korn

no one knows- queens of the stone age

southern hosiptality- ludacris (the only good rap song IMO)

stupid girl- cold


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what would all you go w/ so far as good NEW rap and r&b songs?

i like punjabi mc and um...that one song with 50 cent and lil kim?? magic stick? i dont really LIKE that song, its actually the beat that makes the song good.


what do you think of that new song with 50 cent, eminem, busta.. the one with the hail mary beat by tupac?

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