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Can an optima yellowtop fit in my civic LX SE 99'?


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The battery holder is really small and i doubt it would fit, has anyone ever modifed the battery / car to be able to fit a REGULAR optima (not the really expensive sports car edition(51 i think) of the optima) into my civic?


Is this a good buy? My original battery just died (1999-2006, im going to miss it) and i need a replacement and i think the optima deep cycle(yellowtop) is good...


Will the original alternator supply the battery?





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Why wouldnt it?


Well i went to buy the battery yesterday and the dumbass that wanted to sell it to me said not to buy it because my alternator wouldnt be able to charge it if I kill it all the time, he said optimas are harder to charge than a regular battery? i didnt believe him, and still dont, but, could it be a possibility?


BTW he told me to buy a cap instead of an optima... lol

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